Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You Have to Know

Imagine your child being kidnapped. 
Never to see him or her again.
What could possibly be worse?
What if your child was forced to kill?

I know that that can be a lot to swallow,
I understand that. 
I'm sorry to be blunt.
But you have to know
that this very thing is going on today.

The organization Invisible Children has been working hard for 8 years
to bring attention to the name of Joseph Kony.
Kony is the worst war criminal.
He has kidnapped over 30,000 children in northern Uganda.
His army, called the Lord's Resistance Army, is strong and resilient.
They need to be stopped.

I can't explain nearly as well as their website can,
or this video below.
Please, I am begging you. 
Please take 30 minutes out of your day to watch this video.

I know my calling in life is to serve others.
Everyday, I pray that the Lord presents me new challenges.
This is one of them.

I have pledged.
I'm buying the kit.
And I will advocate.

One individual can make an impact.


Kara said... Reply to comment

Thanks for spreading the word. I couldn't even imagine what these poor children must be facing.

Kate said... Reply to comment

I cannot even imagine.

EverythingIam-blogspot.blogspot.com said... Reply to comment

Thank you Amber for sharing about Kony! A pastor friend of mine just posted the video on FB. VERY powerful video. Kony is an evil man living in a fallen/broken, evil world.

God is all powerful & all knowing. Kony will be stopped & the Lord will have the final judgement.

Cait Emma said... Reply to comment

i love the Invisible CHildren organization. This is fantastic. Thanks so much Amber x

Erin said... Reply to comment

Such a good reminder about a great organization!

Rachael said... Reply to comment

Very emotional/ moving- but what a great cause.Rx


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