Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In two-ish weeks, I will know.
All of this waiting and pondering and stressing will be over.
The anxiety attacks will cease. 
I will be able to breathe again.

In just about two weeks, I'm going to be receiving a hopeful acceptance letter to one of my top nursing schools.
This month of March has been anxiety-ridden and don't ask me why. Maybe it's because some of my other friends who have applied for the Fall 2012 start have already received their "Congratulations! You've been accepted to __________ for the start of Fall 2012 semester" letter. The three schools I've applied to won't be sending out letters until April 1st. That's two more weeks. Two more stretching, worrisome weeks to push through. 

I want this so badly.
I know, with all of my heart's capacity, that nursing is my calling.
Working in two separate hospitals this past year sealed the deal for me.
Unfortunately, this is such a desired career choice nowadays.
It's HARD to get in to a program.
Especially on the coastlines.
Well...I live in Oregon.
I've just been a nut-case these last few weeks
 and could really use a time machine right about now.

Please be praying that time flies these next two-ish weeks.
Please be praying that I can contain my anxious ways until then.
Please pray that I get in.
And please pray for the other men and women out there who've applied as well.
Your prayers are greatly appreciated, so thank you!
Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone!


NOELANI NADINE said... Reply to comment

thoughts and prayers are with you girl! if it's god's will, it will be :)

eighteenthofmay said... Reply to comment

Be confident that God will take you where he wants you to be :) Good luck!

Say :)

Kate said... Reply to comment

It's crazy how slow time can go when you're waiting for something! I remember feeling like this in the days leading up to giving birth... I'll be praying for ya my dear :)

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