Monday, March 19, 2012

My Soul is Smiling.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Life strangely always brings me towards a path of balance.
Striving for success can cause moments of extreme excitement and episodes of panic.
Pushing for something to happen sooner than it should usually ends in "I told you so."
When you have to play the waiting game, a sense of peace comes after giving that weight to God.
Any weight bearing down on you, for that matter, is better in the hands of God.

This weekend, my soul started smiling again for the first time in almost two months.
I know, that's a long time. But I survived it and am now a stronger woman because of it.
You know when you realize something so big and it changes your outlook on life?
You know that peace of mind you receive after cutting your losses entirely?
You know that feeling that comes over you like a flood of pure water when you choose once again to live your life not for your own human desires, but for the will of God? 
They happened to me this weekend.
I got my wake up call.

The process of healing is slow, but a progressive one.
You embrace it or you don't.
I promised myself I would fully embrace it.
Nearly two months later, my journal entries remind me most how much my perspective has changed.
I feel new again and I feel motivated to live strongly for my God.
I have so many amazing doors opening for me in the next few weeks and months.
God has a big story written and He wants me (and you!) to be a part of it.
The characters we play, though, are self-less human beings who love like He does.

Have you ever met a generous being who is mad at the world? Angry all the time? Sad in the eyes?
No. They have to be the happiest people I know.
We've all experienced those rushing feelings that come from serving others,
from helping those in need around us, 
and from living not for ourselves. 
It stirs something up within our souls.
It's magnetic and powerful.
It's God's love working through us.
And it makes my soul smile.

 “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.” 

2 Corinthians 8:9


Elisha(: said... Reply to comment

This is beautiful amber!! <3

Anna said... Reply to comment

This is amazing and exactly what I needed today.
XO Anna

Chantel said... Reply to comment

Absolutely beautiful. You really have a way with words!

a girl with a smile said... Reply to comment

amber you're growing so much!

Sierra said... Reply to comment

"The process of healing is slow, but a progressive one.
You embrace it or you don't.
I promised myself I would fully embrace it."

--That is exactly right. when we allow ourselves to change, to turn to something greater than ourselves, we ultimately have a light. A light that others can see.

This is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Jelli said... Reply to comment

Great verse choice & what a lovely photo! Found you via Cup 1/2 Full Linky. Just a friendly note: you may want to enlarge your post font. It's a tad hard to read. It's easy-peasy to change in the template designer. If you need help, send me a line!

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